No More Podcasts

November 1, 2014

Hi subscribers.  Since February, I have stopped podcasting of cogsermons.  There was virtually no interest and podbean is extremely limited.  I have been adding messages regularly on the home page,  Please go there to continue to get sermons.

John Ogwyn - The Fourth Commandment

February 8, 2014

Which day is the Christian Sabbath? Ogwyn shows why the 7th day is the Biblically established Sabbath day. He addresses all of the New Testament based arguments against Sabbath-keeping, proceeds to show when the Sabbath was established, why it matters, and how it should be kept. The Sabbath is a commemoration of creation and a weekly reminder that God is the Creator. Lessons of Sabbath observance from the Bible. How to make the Sabbath a joy, including for children!

Ron Dart - Understanding Prophecy

February 1, 2014

Prophecy is meant to be understood by some and hidden to others. Jesus had to face the reality that he was going to speak His message to many who would not, could not understand. A sense of history is absolutely essential to understanding prophecy. Why the dreamlike detachment from reality nature of prophecy? Duality is a primary component of prophecy. The Israel-Egypt alliance in history. Type and anti-type explained. Dart goes through Isaiah and points out many type/antitype pairs.

Satan’s Devices

January 25, 2014

Satan hates each of us, and wants to destroy us. Ogwyn speaks of Satan's tactics and how we need God's help to combat him. Specific devices used by Satan include pride, vanity, bitterness, accusative spirit, doubt, discouragement, lust and coveting,

Ron Dart - Master & Lord

January 15, 2014

Dart looks at the words Master, Teacher, Rabbi, Disciple. He points out how important it is to be a serious student, learning at the feet of the Master Teacher, and doing what the Teacher teaches.